The designers and the engineering department work together to balance form, fit, and function for unparalleled results. An in-depth knowledge of fabrication, including the strengths and limitations of various materials, allows us to create innovative combinations for a specific desired outcome. We provide comprehensive solutions for designs and build stunning displays while creating a user experience that will rival competitors. VIRA Insight invests in ongoing research and development to identify new materials and methods for executing dynamic results.


Prototypes are created based on the engineer drawings produced in the initial development process. Each prototype is reviewed with brand standards to ensure each stage is as close to the final product as possible at rollout.


Our expert engineering team uses state of the art programs to produce realistic models with precise detail. They effectively analyze beginning stage design concepts and transform them into working real life prototypes.


The replication of a full scale model allows our team to test for design imperfections or flaws. The engineers will meticulously coordinate with the design team to improve the overall vision and store readiness of the product.