Good design is the basis for any fantastic product. Our experts can adapt any design vision for durable construction. The wide range of material solutions that we offer compliment any project. The initial design is just the beginning, after the vision comes the beautiful finished product. At VIRA Insight our trained design department works closely with our engineering department to ensure that all custom fixtures look amazing and work amazingly well in stores.

The initial collaboration with clients solidifies the goals we will achieve and guides our creative strategy. We research and brainstorm every proposal to better solve each unique design challenge. As our team begins to narrow down ideas we begin sketching layouts and communicating with our sales department. Revisions happen throughout the design process so that each custom fixture has the edits that our customers want.



Before any project begins we research in detail the brand(s), region/location, existing store format, news, international market, awards, and direct competitors. This provides us with an overall view of the existing design structure and direction preferred by the client. We use direct competitor information to maximize new design suggestions for improved market presence and sales. All research is done in house, and before we present any design development ideas.

Design Development

VIRA Insight provides crucial support during the design development phase. One challenging aspect of a large scale project is the visualization of key elements before engineering. Through our use of initial sketching and 3D modeling technology, initial design ideas can be shown in life-size scaled renders. This not only provides an immediate visual representation of the design, but also assists with eliminating preliminary ideas that are not useful or appealing.

3D Modeling

We specialize in store layout visualization. VIRA Insight meets with clients to get a better understanding of their needs. When designing custom fixtures, we include products to scale to provide clients an idea of how they will fit on the fixture, and how the fixture will fit in the store. We are brand specific when customizing designs, and study style guides in detail. Due to our team and capabilities we can produce high quality 3D renderings to meet client deadlines. Shopability and clean product organization is part of every design produced. We model, design products, and fixtures in real world scale to save time in the engineering stage.