About Us

VIRA Insight is an industry leader in the design, development, fabrication, and installation of complete retail store environments, from branding and signage elements to acrylics, store fixtures, and integration of in-store peripherals to support Omni-channel expansion. Our specialized design team develops each project with care and makes additional customization changes to meet the needs of the product. We stand on the leading edge of custom manufacturing while breathing life into your vision, and focusing on innovative solutions for fulfilling your retail sales and marketing objectives, while reinforcing overall brand value. With global and domestic manufacturing resources, VIRA Insight can deliver time sensitive programs anywhere in the world at competitive prices and of the highest quality.

VIRA Insight has taken a worldwide leadership position in the conceptualization and installation of highly effective fixtures, custom displays, and themed environments. We deliver the finest in custom design, engineering, and manufacturing with an attention to detail you will not find anywhere else. Our talented artisans, materials expertise, and extensive resources make for a powerful combination that delivers nearly limitless possibilities.  VIRA Insight will put our award-winning design and fabrication capabilities at your disposal for a project of any size.

At VIRA Insight we are revolutionizing the traditional ideas of retail design and fixture fabrication. This means taking ideas beyond what is conventionally used and transforming them into original, groundbreaking concepts. Our award winning design department will enhance any vision into a fully functional display. The unique combination of artistry and experience provided by VIRA Insight gives our clients the edge to stand apart while meeting serviceability.


Our Mission

VIRA Insight merges custom design and superior function to effectively meet the needs of clients. As a global manufacturer of retail fixtures, we advance customers toward increased sales and enriched consumer involvement. 


Global Manufacturing Locations

When project scope demands accelerated timelines and more complex manufacturing processes, VIRA Insight calls upon its core supplier network to assist with supply chain requirements for wood, metal, and solid surfacing.




Our Process

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